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Buying in Spain


When buying in Spain, on top of the purchase price you should allow an additional 15% (approx) to cover your purchase fees (or 17% if you require a Spanish mortgage due to the mortgage set up fees). The 15% covers the costs of your solicitor, government taxes (which account for 10% of the costs), NIE application, notary fees and land registry fees.



You must pay a 3000 € deposit to secure your property. Stage payments (varies dependent on the builder) for the duration of the build time with the balance on completion.


Pay a 3000 € deposit to secure your property. If a quick completion is planned (e.g. less than 28 days) the balance can normally be paid on completion at the notary. If completion time is 4-10 weeks the seller may request a further 10% interim deposit before the balance is paid on completion.

Please note that in Spain you must pay a holding deposit of 3000 € in order to reserve a property. Until a deposit is paid the seller will not remove the property from the open market. Sweet Home Properties recommend that you pay the deposit direct to your solicitor whilst the paperwork is being checked. Once the paperwork has been checked and everything is in order, the deposit can be transferred to the builder or private seller.


Apart from the obvious decision of the region you wish to buy in Spain, the main question you must consider is the type of location and environment in which you wish to buy in…

Do you want to immerse yourself into a Spanish lifestyle, by mixing with locals and learning the language? Is the beach and meeting people of your own nationality not of great importance to you? Are you looking for an idyllic and quiet lifestyle where you can have a lot of your own space and enjoy stunning countryside views?

If the answer is yes to the above, then you should seriously consider a country property as you will be able to buy much more for your money than in coastal areas. Large modern 3 bedroom villas with 3 acres of land (approx 10.000m2) start from under 150.000 Euros in the countryside areas!! The areas we cover are still within easy reach of Alicante city, beaches and airport (max 50mins drive) and you will find all amenities and services closeby.


Do you want a 2nd home where you can easily escape harsher weather conditions and enjoy blue flag sandy beaches or numerous panoramic golf courses that the Costa Blanca can offer? Maybe you are buying for investment or rental purposes? Do you like the idea of being part of an international community of residents where you could look for work or retire. Maybe you prefer an area where you can meet new people and easily settle in without prior knowledge of the Spanish language and where children can easily attend English speaking schools?

If your answer to one of the above is yes you may be better to consider a coastal property the majority of which are less than 10mins drive to numerous blue flag beaches and all amenities including schools and hospitals.


Regardless of the location, you need to seriously consider which factors are important to you when selecting a property. Questions to consider are…..

  • Property - do you want an apartment, townhouse or villa, how many bedrooms/bathrooms, is a swimming pool important, do you want a garden, roof terrace etc?
  • Budget - how much can you comfortably invest in a property or is a mortgage needed.
  • New build properties - you can buy either ´key ready´ or ´off plan´. The advantage with `off plan´ is that sometimes you can choose the style, construction materials, or change small things in the property. A deposit will be required and construction could take up to 18months which may suit your plans. If however you are ready to move now it will be better to buy ´key ready´ where you can step inside the property today and the purchase can go through as quick as 2 weeks.
  • Resale Properties/second hand: This can range from a new property being sold by the first owner that has never been used to an old finca that needs total reform. Completion time can be agreed between the buyer and seller with typical timescale being 4-10 weeks.

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