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Flights, Hotels and Car Hire

Once you have bought your house in Spain we are sure that if you are not fortunate to live here permanently, then you will want to visit as often as possible. Sweet Home Properties has collaborated with some well know companies to ensure you can achieve the best prices when booking hotels, flights and car hire....

FLIGHTS to find the best flight comparison site and ensure you can take advantage of some of the great low cost flights to Spain please click here (

HOTELS to find the most comprehensive list of hotels and the best prices please click here. Maybe you will need a hotel when first searching for a property, or even once you own a property as you will may have more visitors than you may want to handle! (

CAR HIRE to find the best possible prices on Spanish car hire please click here. Off season prices can be extremely cheap (sometimes cheaper than taxis from Alicante or Murcia). This site will offer you the best prices on car hire throughout Spain. (

CAR PARKING Open Parking at Alicante airport offer the best long term parking prices & service. You can pay per day/week or they can offer you an annual parking contract if you have a vehicle in Spain that you want to be stored safely and waiting for you when you return to the airport. (

GOLF Albatross Golf started in 2006 and now offer golfing packages throughout Spain. For individual discounted greens fees or tailored golfing breaks for up to 80 people including accommodation, transpor and gala dinners please contact

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